Introducing Luzid: Solana Development at Light Speed

Magicblock Magicblock Follow Jul 03, 2024 · 2 mins read
Introducing Luzid: Solana Development at Light Speed

We are thrilled to release the latest version of Luzid, an essential tool for anyone building on Solana, no matter if you are a seasoned developer or just starting out.

What is Luzid?

Luzid embeds a blazingly fast test validator and provides enhanced insights into your transactions including account diffs. It clones programs and accounts on demand, enables persistent state via snapshots and account state mutation in order to ease test setup.

Finally its workspace discovery feature has you up and running with all your local programs loaded in no time.

Key Features of Luzid

1. Develop at the Speed of Light

Luzid embeds a validator optimised for speed. Developers will be more productive as a result as the turnaround time from code change to test completion is cut drastically. We’ve seen 16x speedup for some test suites when compared to running them via the stock Solana test validator.

2. Flexible State Management

Luzid enables developers to mutate account states via its powerful SDK. This is an essential feature to set up test scenarios quickly. Luzid’s snapshot makes it easy to persist and restore state repeatedly to test multiple actions based on it. Snapshots can persist and be restored across Luzid sessions.

3. Workspace Discovery and On Demand Program Cloning

At startup Luzid will scan your workspace and automatically load all your programs into the validator. Each time you apply a change to your program, Luzid will hotswap it into the already running validator without requiring a program redeploy or validator restart.

If Luzid encounters a program as part of a transaction it does not know about it will automatically clone it from the specified Solana cluster, i.e Devnet or Mainnet. This makes it easy to test transactions locally without any additional setup.

4. Account Diff Visualisation

Luzid discovers IDLs for programs loaded from a workspace or cloned on demand. This enables it to show not only parsed account data, but also to provide visual diffs for each account that was modified as part of a transaction. This powerful feature makes it much easier for developers to understand what each transaction is doing and to diagnose issues.

When an IDL for a program cannot be found Luzid will provide account diffs in a raw format which is very useful to understand how some programs work under the hood.

5. Seeing is Believing

In order to truly appreciate the boost to your productivity that Luzid provides we recommend you to give it a try following these simple steps:

  1. Download Luzid following the Luzid Getting Started guide
  2. Navigate to your workspace directory in a terminal
  3. Launch Luzid in workspace discovery mode via luzid .
  4. Open the Luzid UI ( on MacOS) and start developing

Join our developer Community

Luzid is an open-source tool developed by MagicBlock and available for the whole Solana developer community; For a comprehensive overview of Luzid and to see it in action, watch the introductory video on YouTube.

Join the MagicBlock discord to learn how to make the most out of Luzid and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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